You have better things to do with your time than pull data and organize reports

With 85% of data reporting teams repeating the same exporting and downloading tasks over and over again with every new project, companies are wasting valuable time and money.

But not Adventag customers.

To date, we’ve saved our customers over $2,000,000 by automating their operations data processes.

"We started by automating our daily efforts to track our train service. Now we historically analyze trends of our growing service and use data we never thought possible to negotiate better operational policy."

Petar Zojcevski, Senior Operations Business Analyst, Sound Transit

Spend your time making money, not wasting it.

A customer recently commented, "All our data acquisition and aggregation processes can now be automated, and the transformation rules written into the database build process.”

Theirs is a story we hear all the time. They had various data sources including individual Excel workbooks, and getting their data to a point where important business decisions could be made took forever. We quickly got them up and running with a customized solution and we can do the same for you.

All you have to do is sign up below for our free planning workshop where we show you how to stop being a statistic and start making more informed strategic decisions quicker than ever.


Automation is the first step to data nirvana, see how harnessing that knowledge can take you even further.

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