E-Commerce Dashboard

You need a dashboard

What guides you while you run your business?

Is it your accounting system, your marketing system, your inbox, some ______ for Dummies book? When the time comes to go get things done, where do you turn for information? And next, what do you do with the information you gather?

This back and forth of figuring and then doing defines your success. And doing this efficiently is paramount.

Most people who assess their work habits (honestly) conclude they are about as efficient as shoveling snow during a windy blizzard. Successful owners run their lives, rather than being run by endless inefficiency, but the constant struggle to push aside the noise and focus on the tasks that drive the business forward is daunting.

Leaders have a system for:

  1. Identifying
  2. Acting
  3. Reassessing 
Data Analysis

Yes, it's cyclical. And that's exactly the point.

You need a way to break the cycle and something to make you DO. That tool that breaks the cycle is a well defined one-page dashboard. A well-crafted dashboard gets you to focus on the crux of what you need to make you and your business as successful as you can be.

Can you drive a car without a dashboard? Yes, you can. But you will run out of gas, get a speeding ticket, or miss warnings of engine failure. In your car, you need a dashboard. You've come to depend on it. You understand the importance of it. You never drive without using it.

Your business should be the same.

In your business, you need this guide. One that sums up your business and guides your from point A, your business today, to point B, where you meet the specific goals you have. A car dash won't tell you where to turn right or left, yet. But it will help you avoid the speed trap or having to call AAA.

Your business needs a dashboard to be your strategic guide to moving goals forward.

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