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Most teams waste time and money completing the same repetitive tasks even when they start new projects. Wouldn’t you rather invest more of that time to produce valuable insights for your team?

Does this sound like your team?

  • You have many sources of data.
  • Every analysis takes longer than you would like.
  • You spend 80% of your time assembling and normalizing, rather than analyzing data.
  • Your view of the data world is limited to individual Excel workbooks.

If you spend much more time formatting and arranging your data series, you might be in Excel Hell instead of Data Nirvana.

Make “Excel Hell” Go Away

Now, imagine a different world where you get fast, insightful, and comprehensive answers to your data questions without the cost of an embedded data science team.

Does this sound like the team you’d like to have?

  • Your team completes the analysis on time.
  • You accurately forecast what’s going to happen and formulate a clear plan for execution.
  • For all the things you worry “someone will forget”, you get automatically updated action plans that detail the resource, frequency, and completion state for those tasks.

That's the benefit of getting rid of repetitive work.

In your new world, you’ll make progress. Your team will solve new problems before they become emergencies. And your decisions will get better due to improved information quality and analysis.

Take part in our Free Planning Workshop to learn how to get your data to empower your team

It starts by signing up for your own customized Workshop.

Prior to attending we'll send you details on how you should prepare to make the best use of your time.

In short, you need to collect two lists of things that will fuel our discussion directly about what's relevant to you.

List Number 1 - Your inputs: Gather the raw information your business relies on. This includes any of the following and maybe other things:

    • Excel files
    • Databases (sample sets of data are fine)
    • Text files
    • Extracts
    • Web APIs
    • Pictures of whiteboards
    • And the list goes on…. it can be anything really.

List Number 2 - Your decision making tools. If you could wave your magic wand, what would you want to see? These could be:

    • A stack of reports (take a picture of some)
    • Some numbers (think of a convoluted calculation you do)
    • A KPI list (what’s the true indicator of growth)
    • An email alert (like when something looks on the brink of going bad)
    • Anything you would take action on if you only knew about it

We will focus on the actions and decisions you need to make, and the inputs you’re providing now to make and measure these actions and decisions. At the end of the workshop you’ll have clear direction for behavioral changes you need to make to do better.

Custom solutions

Every business, big or small, selling goods or services, local or global has some similarities to capitalize on. However, your business is guaranteed unique in some way you've found works. Catering your set of customers, or your way of working is why we are in business. Your business has been successful because you have used a different way to approach your business. And it worked.

Given your next challenge of scaling, refocusing, or doubling down on a strategy, we can help identify and create the unique squeeze play that will drive more of your unique store into the market. Tell us the pestering issue you face. It may just so happen that fixing it is the profitable thing for you to take on next.

Set Up Your Customized Planning Workshop

It takes 45 minutes to get started. We’ll help you make your first step toward dropping "Excel Hell".

At the end of the workshop, you will have more information to drive your actions and clear steps to put that information front and center.

Together we'll find and get data insights to you faster than ever.

In our meeting, we’ll conduct discovery to understand what is keeping you from the Data Nirvana you’d like to produce. At the end of the workshop, we’ll summarize our findings and provide you recommendations on how to turn your inputs (part 1) into decision making (part 2). Here are some example projects and recommendations we’ve delivered for past customers:

  • Consolidation and collaboration data efforts
  • Download Automation
  • Addition of real-time data processing
  • Building a data warehouse from non-production data sources
  • A business case to stop using your expensive, confusing reporting tool

At the end of this process, you will understand how to spin your priorities from working in Excel to a consistent pattern of planning, measuring, and executing successful data projects.

Our Planning Workshop is free. And it’s your first move to become an action based information organization.

In 3 Simple Steps
   Step 1:  Click the button below to sign up and reserve your time.   
   Step 2:  Fill out a pre-workshop survey.   
   Step 3:  Attend the workshop.

You've made it this far - you owe it to yourself to transform your reporting into action taking.

Previous attendees of this session have removed two hours from their weekly to-do list just by investing this time and making small changes in their efforts. 100 hours a year back in your pocket sounds pretty good.


If you have any questions about what's going on here, email me or call me. Avoiding Excel Hell is the best productivity tool you can give your team. This is your first step toward Data Nirvana.

All the best,

P.S. I don't want to leave you without mentioning how a customer of ours reacted to the plan we provided them after a consultation and what they did next. They came back to us and said: “We'd spent over a year trying to get started and make a change in our reporting. We started right in on a better path and one month later we had a working solution in place and a path forward. Thanks so much.”

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