Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover Abandoned Carts

As business owners we are constantly searching for the right combination of tactics to focus on in our businesses. Are we selling the right product or service, for the right price? Are we letting the right people know what we've got?

While fulfilling our daily tasks we don't work only on product development, the look and feel of our website, or solely fulfillment and shipping. We need to analyse our business process and match customer needs with our product in order to maximize sales; converting leads into customers.


It really is that simple.

While analyzing this equation we discovered a remarkable statistic. 79% of retail stores do not recognize that two out of every three visits from potential CUSTOMERS leave empty handed. Two-thirds don't purchase a product when they are nearly there.

Potential customers most likely found your product. They probably left because they got distracted, ran out of time, or some other factor interrupted them. 

You've heard the saying, "It's not about you". Well, it's about them. And when you realize this fact, you arrive in a really interesting position. You get to make your "almost customer" a hero. You need to care about this very active, willing, able and ready group of people. Become their friend, right way. They need you.


If you sell hot dogs, would you start at 6:00 am in the morning? Of course not. Very few people want hot dogs before coffee. For hot dogs, you'd start at 11:00 when your customer is hungry, looking for food and simple food at that. You as their best friend can get them the best hot dog in town. You need to just convince them of that at the right time.

Your "almost customer" just told you their life story. They've checked 4 out of 5 checkboxes, almost literally. You don't have to:

  1. Find them
  2. Let them research
  3. Let them pick
  4. Have them give you their info

They've done it all already.

With 4 of 5 steps finished, you better go after them and get the 5th. Don't worry, they will thank you. It's 100% for your benefit (and theirs) to make it even easier to give your customer what they want.

And that's what our process does for you. It creates that relationship with your soon-to-be customer.

You can recapture and double the number of orders flowing through your store, maybe more, by relating to your customer. Our recovery rate is 56% of customers that show up on the 4 out of 5 list, a list that is surprisingly huge.

Instead of you landing 1 in 3 customers visiting your store, imagine landing 2 out of 3. THAT'S DOUBLE!

Your best potential customers have given you all their info, you just have to show them you care. Let us help double the number of orders in your store. And show you how effective we can do so in real time.

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