Get More of Your Best Customers

View your Shopify and Google Analytics data together in one easy-to consume dashboard that allows you to find and cater to your best customers.

Get More of Your Best Customers

Eliminate Redundant Work

Managing those daily, weekly or monthly repetitive tasks becomes as simple as checking your email. Be notified right away about problems that may arise.

Be More Automated

Find Hidden Opportunities

Our organized information platform ensures your analyses are efficient and informed because your data is presented in ways that finally makes sense.

Make Analysis Effective

Predict Future Performance

Be prepared for history to repeat itself. With our information delivery system you can easily use historical data to extrapolate future performance.

Operate Looking Forward

Make Better Business Decisions

"We started by automating our daily efforts to track our train service. Now we historically analyze trends of our growing service and use data we never thought possible to negotiate better operational policy."

Petar Zojcevski

Senior Operations Business Analyst

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